Day 2

12 November 2020

Grand Ball Room, LG Level


Conference Opening

Morning MCMr Anthony Muh Yi-tong, Chairman, Asian Corporate Governance Association Partner and Asia Chairman, H.R.L. Morrison & Co; Chairman, JIDA Capital Partners, Hong Kong


Plenary 1: Asia Overview, China Focus

A regional corporate governance overview based on ACGA research, including a preview of our forthcoming regional survey “CG Watch 2018” and an overview of our recent “China CG Report”.

A local expert will discuss current economic trends and challenges in China.

SpeakersMr Jamie Allen, Secretary General, ACGA, Hong Kong
Ms Nana Li
, Senior Research Analyst, ACGA, Hong Kong
Ms Rachel Morarjee, Director, Economist Corporate Network, The Economist Group, Beijing


Coffee Break


Plenary 2: The ACGA Debate – “Are hostile takeovers good for capital markets?”

Hostile takeovers are rare in China, with the first successful case dating from only May 2018. Yet as China’s capital market grows and welcomes a broader array of investors and investment vehicles, the market for corporate control could intensify. Will attitudes towards hostile takeovers change and become more positive? Are such “uninvited” takeover bids a necessary component of a modern capital market? Even if they are encouraged in China, would they make a significant difference to overall corporate governance practices?

Moderator Mr Jenn-hui Tan, Head of Capital Markets & Corporate Governance – Asia–Pacific, Fidelity International, Singapore

Debators Ms Maggie Lin Zhaowen, International Consultant, International Finance Corporation China, Beijing
Ms Melissa Brown, Partner, Daobridge Capital, Hong Kong; Specialist Consultant, ACGA, Hong Kong


Lunch – The Residence, P2 Level, Grand Hyatt Beijing


Afternoon Workshops Overview

Five workshops organised around small-table discussions on practical imperatives of ESG and corporate governance in Asia today.