Welcome & Acknowledgements

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the “Asian Business Dialogue on Corporate Governance 2020”, our fourth conference in Hong Kong since 2001 and our first largely virtual annual meeting. Despite the many challenges over the past two years, including the postponement and then cancellation of our 20th Anniversary Conference in Hong Kong, we are pleased to be able to bring this event to fruition. Our theme for this conference is a continuation of the one we had hoped to discuss earlier this year, namely “Laying Stronger Governance Foundations for ESG in Asia-Pacific”. As ESG and sustainability concerns rise in importance on the agenda of policymakers, investors and companies, the governance framework for managing these risks and making the most of new business opportunities will receive increasing attention. We hope this event can offer some fresh ideas for moving this process forward.

With all the restrictions imposed on travel and public gatherings as a result of this year’s pandemic, it has been a difficult year to organise any sort of event. I would firstly like to pay tribute to a group of conference sponsors that have stood by ACGA through all the uncertainties. They are:

Secondly, our sincere thanks to the wider ACGA membership whose loyalty, support and understanding during the past year has been much appreciated.

We must also thank our conference speakers, many of whom were due to speak at our 20th Anniversary event in November 2019 and then in February 2020. Thank you for your patience!

As always, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to put on a conference. The ACGA Secretariat has risen to the challenge of operating in a new and unusual environment this year and has been as hardworking and agile as ever. My special thanks to Padma Venkat, Julia Mart, Mikky Li, Ida Chan, Edwin Chiu, Nana Li, Neesha Wolf, Bilal Khan and Vivian Yau for their dedicated administrative and logistical support. A big thank you also to our stalwart group of specialist consultants and contributors who have provided moral and intellectual support: Benjamin McCarron, Chris Leahy, Sharmila Gopinath, Sumika Hashimoto, Lucy Colback and Melissa Brown.

Our deep appreciation also to the ACGA Council for providing strong support and practical guidance over the past year as we have navigated the evolving challenges of organising this year’s conference. In particular, we wish to recognise the following Council members for their contribution to this programme:

  • Anthony Muh Yi-tong, Chairman, ACGA Council
  • Steven Watson, Vice Chairman, ACGA Council
  • Ka Shi Lau, Managing Director & CEO, BCT Group
  • Ronnie Lim, Senior Engagement Specialist, Robeco Asia-Pacific

Finally, a big thanks to all our delegates. Many of you are now veterans of the ACGA “Asian Business Dialogue”. We greatly appreciate your support.

We wish you all a very enjoyable conference. Please send in your questions for our speakers!

Jamie Allen