24 November 2021

17:00 – 18:30 (Hong Kong time)

Webinar – “Whistleblowing warts and all”

Some of the biggest corporate frauds in modern history were triggered by whistleblowers: Enron, Worldcom, 1MDB, and Wirecard to name a few. But those who expose corporate fraud and financial manipulation can pay a high cost, from harassment and threats to lawsuits and criminal detention. How can these people be better protected? Where do the first seeds of suspicion come from and how can investors spot the red flags? What role does the media play and what should regulators be doing? And ultimately—is it worth the risk?

ModeratorMs Jane Moir, Research Director, Hong Kong & Singapore, Asian Corporate Governance Association, Hong Kong

SpeakersMs Clare Rewcastle Brown, Founder, Sarawak Report
Mr Arnaud Vagner, Director, Iceberg Research

1 December 2021

08:00 – 09:30 (Hong Kong time)

Webinar – “Communicating the energy transformation”

Asian energy and infrastructure companies face significant challenges in the coming decade as they try to transform their business models away from fossil fuels and move towards a Net Zero world. Firms at the forefront of this transition will likely suffer reduced returns and share prices as they set a new strategic direction by selling or writing off “stranded” assets and investing in new ones. Others that are slower to change may maintain, or even increase, short-term returns but be left with unviable and increasingly unprofitable businesses and increasing regulatory and physical climate risks. Corporate leaders face considerable challenges in communicating these challenges to their investor base. How can they ensure that their reporting and disclosure has clarity and a solid foundation? But first, how do they create the right governance processes to balance and make these complex and strategic decisions?

ModeratorMr Yuelin Yang, Deputy Group Managing Director, IMC Industrial Group, Singapore; ACGA Council Member

SpeakersMr Eugene Cheng, Group Chief Financial Officer, Sembcorp Industries, Singapore
Mr Hendrik Gordenker, Senior Advisor, JERA, Tokyo
Ms Melissa Brown, Partner, Daobridge Capital, Hong Kong